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Photography For The Perfectly Imperfect Family

So what...maybe you did procrastinate in looking for someone to take your family pictures but you are here now and for that small win today, you MUST celebrate.

Documentary family photo shoots are not about having to nail every pose and looking perfect. You will always have permission to make the session your own. 

We are big on allowing choice and input to aid in your ability to tell a clear, concise and hopefully moving story with candid photojournalistic style photos.

Of course you have unique ideas in mind that will matter because you're the guardians of the story. My job is to help you take chances and be yourself in front of the camera.

Hey there, I'm Marcia

Imperfect Mother • Lifestyle Storyteller • Funny Friend

Playing, navigating and discovering my way through the human experience is grounded in the choice to live, love, parent and connect with people with a foundation of how I choose to uncover simple truths: PAIN + TRUTH = The human comedy of life.

So with my documentary family photography work, is artistic therapy to help me balance my lifelong struggle with social anxiety...

My stressful, quirky yet honest instinctive gift that keeps on giving.

I often find myself alert and aware of someone's true thoughts, feelings and emotions that many mothers and fathers often disregard as unimportant. 


From the Laughter

to the tears, I love documenting it all.

Those decisive moments to me are like imaginary puzzle pieces. Hints that might help parents illustrate a few painfully funny silver linings. 

The milestones of love, life and different clues that connects a great family story.

So, if considering booking a family photo session with me the most important thing to know is this:  I'm not here to continue perpetuating the myth of picture perfect family life. THOSE DON'T EXIST

No, I don't want to become known as a family photographer "influencer" on Facebook or Instagram. Nope, I'm not about that life...

My hope is that as you poke around on my website, is that you'll get a sense that i'm someone who knows how to find and document the sometimes awkward yet real photo worthy moments. 



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We believe in

Keep reminding yourself what a family photo session is really about, emotionally.


Moms, Dads, parents everywhere...for pictures to have a genuine "in the moment" look  one must choose to let their feelings become transparent. 

In fact, most professionals don't realize that such an ability is overwhelmingly helpful to the overall storytelling process.

Before inquiring about a family photo shoot, you don't have to nail down a thematic choice.

It needs to be a collaborative process between you and your family photographer.


I aim to give you more than you thought possible. After all, you deserve it.

You now have the chance to make pictures that represent who you are in your home whilst being yourself. 

For the realness to come alive, only you understand the overall story you want captured an documented during your photo session.  

This is your chance to find something truthful that works for you and not feel like you're posing in a cookie cutter fashion.

delivering the


invest in the moment

Blink and you'll miss them because
a moment only happens once. 

Every time parents, every...single...time ya blink you can't help but notice how much your children have grown.

Time waits for no one and that's never more apparent than when we make the decision to capture rare unseen family moments with pictures that celebrate family milestones.

A family photoshoot doesn't have to be a big expense if you find that special someone who specializes in taking pictures of families that highlights each persons distinct personalities and unforgettable facial expressions with candid pictures.

let's do this!

invest in the