In retrospect, becoming an orphan at thirty-seven wasn't THAT bad. Yes, it did set off a series of unfortunate life events that reshaped who I am today.

And yes, I've sat on a therapist couch a time or two so I could learn how to manage my special gifts or talents (aka ADD & Social Anxiety) and reclaim the shape of not only my story but also the story of my immediate family.

Today here's my biggest takeaway about learning to be more "me" everyday. All the struggles i've had to ensure thought my life, makes up the B.S. I love to share about myself with other. 

And by B.S. I mean brand story, my adventures of how i'm able to intuitively turn lemons into lemonade when comes to taking documentary pictures of newborn, children and their family.

That is, when it comes to being a professional potographer I realize that to get to the truth and uncover priceless reactions to times and place, the key is that standing in front of a camera ANYONES camera floods most human beings with fear. 

And my hope is that every parent and family understands the level of emotional risk and vulnerability I am asking them to take part of during a photosession are risks and fears i'm willing to take myself.

Today, now and forever, I understand that what must be communicated when taking pictures is the connection of "I hear you" and " see you"

Imperfect Parent & Family Photojournalist

About Marcia

Marcia is listens with her eyes way before her ears catch with the conversation. 

A simple glance is all it takes for her to have a clear sense of the varied emotions radiating across the room.

Which is why she seems to notice the candid expressions that turn a basic photo into a priceless portrait.


Her “all are welcome here philosophy” allows Marcia to embark on curious adventures daily

Moving though distinct life experiences with unconditional love by questioning things that don’t make sense as a human level.

She firmly believes change is necessary for growth. It’s such a simple concept yet it has transformed her "privileges" into infinite life lessons.


Word play, pop culture, music lyrics and movie quotes is Marcia’s go to rolodex to speak fluently with class, sass and a bit of smart ass.

Her ability to read the feeling of a room is shockingly accurate and she’s probably saved her kids a time or two from making bad friend connections.

Wishing she would never have to adult unfortunately, Marcia’s looking for new ways to try and “be forever young” because DAMN IT….Toys R Us went bankrupt and closed.

quick witted

Making Stress Free
Family pictures happen

Will matter in 5 years, well then, make me care. If I had to sum up my theory into a simple sentence thats the one I’m sticking with.


Starting in childhood until today, it’s the same magic equation that often make up the greatest stories we’ve ever been told or how we share stories with other people. My photo storytelling theory is that taking documentary family portraits help parents and children better communicate truth and reality.

It’s not about finding the perfect moment or saying capturing a good, funny reaction. As generations grow and change, providing someone with pictures and images that say this is who we are…in all our imperfect wonder.

It brings emotional texture to one’s beliefs and convey information with personality.

Documentary photography is an easy way to digest the real truth, nothing but the truth no matter how big or how small.

my photo storytelling theory 

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