When it comes to taking or updating family photos are you a member of team skeptic or team procrastination? As I had mentioned, I went through a 9-10 month stint in “rehab” in 2018. Ohhh BTW Happy New Year friend🎆🍾🥂🥳! Anyway…so okay, rehabNot the Lindsay Lohan kind…Not even the Ben WhoFlackWhat kind. I’ve been callin’ it […]

Shall We Play?

Let’s get real…

Because let’s get real In November, we give thanks…In December, we ask for peace… In January, well in January …..we procrastinate.🍾🥂 In no less than two weeks, there’s a legit unofficial Ditch your New Years resolution day (it’s January 17th for all ya lazy googlers) asking for forgiveness…. e’ve already given up on those damn […]

Documentary Fall Family Photo Sessions Fort Worth TX

Now booking day in the life family photoshoots for expectant parents, adoption stories, surrogate and more in the Dallas – Fort Worth Texas area. Our coordinator is looking for story diversity and photo sessions for the following types of families this fall. Documentary Fall Family Photo Sessions Fort Worth For more details on the documentary […]

Each time I try to come up with different ways to describe to an imaginary family how they could prepare to take mini session pictures, I can’t help but think of that weird hangry stress period that takes place from the moment you order to the time that cheesy deliciousness arrives. Yes, just like pizza […]

Thirty Minutes Or Less

Guardian Of The Story

She was worried to admit to she’s shy. Worried that even though she was stuck in a rut bigger in the Grand Canyon, nobody would help her dig out of the hole she created for herself. When someone like her takes and non-traditional path empowerment for some crazy reason, it makes the desire to vividly […]

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