Time To Break The Old Family Photography “rules”

February 7, 2021

Ever have a momentary panic when thrust in front of a camera lens during a family photography shoot? Before-iPhones, Instagram and Facebook a camera was only seen during awkwardly posed family portraits at the local studio or your snap happy mom who loved to pull out old photo albums when company came over. These days, […]

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It’s been a year since it was declared legally over. It’s been three years since the day I caught a glimpse of his face and there was zero empathy radiating back. It’s been a little over five years since the kid in this photo had a rage filled tirade with tears as big as soup […]

First Steps Back To Photography Blogging

November 23, 2020

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Documentary Family Photographer Getting Over a Resilient Lie

July 31, 2020

DFW documentary family photographer speaks candidly about lying and covering up her toxic relationship and marriage resulted in two children that spans over two decades. With brutal honesty, she rallies to recover personal and professional dignity and figure out how to handle her overwhelming family pictures archive.

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featured photo of grandmother with newborn for mothers day blog post

Mother’s Day is supposed to be about celebrating the wonderful things your mother has done for you over the years and how her wisdom and guidance has strengthened you for it.

Meh About Mothers’s Day

May 10, 2020

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Becoming a Family Photo Documentarian

September 22, 2019

Growing up, my mother used to always say to me “Hate is a STRONG word.” She’d say “It’s fine to get angry about someone or something but to hate… Hating a person or things we’ve done, there’s must be a significant meaning behind what you are saying.” So like anything our parents say to us as […]

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