Let’s get real…

Because let’s get real

In November, we give thanks…In December, we ask for peace…

In January, well in January …..we procrastinate.🍾🥂

In no less than two weeks, there’s a legit unofficial

Ditch your New Years resolution day

(it’s January 17th for all ya lazy googlers) asking for forgiveness….

e’ve already given up on those damn resolutions. Double and triple checking that our circle of friends is giving thanks properly.

Im not sure about y’all but all that double and triple friggin’ exhausting! Okay so maybe that’s not your particular story but it sure is shit is mine. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I made a New Years resolution.

But the one I DO vividly remember is quite vintage. 👩🏽‍💻Picture it, December 31st 2005, two bottles of champagne in and it isn’t even 10pm yet. 🥴Hanging, living the life with your tribe of besties and someone drunkenly shouts “What’s your New Years resolution?” Me in all my sassyness responds with “Screw that homies, my resolution is to NOT make another damn resolution…like ever!!!”

And the rest, is history….

But , but why is that relevant now?

I mean, let’s disregard that today is actually New Year’s Eve and I’m spilling personal truths about myself in this “social” community?

Welll….because, In 2018, i went to a detention center….scratch that

I put myself in time out….nahhh that’s not right either…

ughh if i Have to be transparent about it
i checked myself into rehab…

Let me explain…

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