Shall We Play?

When it comes to taking or updating family photos are you a member of team skeptic or team procrastination?

As I had mentioned, I went through a 9-10 month stint in “rehab” in 2018.

Ohhh BTW Happy New Year friend🎆🍾🥂🥳!

Anyway…so okay, rehab
Not the Lindsay Lohan kind…
Not even the Ben WhoFlackWhat kind. 
I’ve been callin’ it the #shameshitshow

Every person in my house got diagnosed with some mental health disorder. We’re talking long-term PTSD, severe depression, anxiety, and ADHD. Yadda, yadda, yadda…it’s the gripping kind of stories which make up some of the most iconic lifetime movies.

But due to HIPPA laws, my therapist said “no comment” when I asked her if she’d like to collaborate on the record.

Why I’m bringing up this conversation here is because in this super funky, dark ombré looking playground… I decided to #factchecklife and see if this whole not making a New Years resolution thing offered any clues to the backstory of why life was so angry with me and my family.

So for any person reading this post, no matter if I know you personally or not, the art of telling and sharing meaning stories in a time where a picture of someone can go viral in seconds…

When it’s time to document your legacy, which team do you practice and play with?

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