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• These sessions are limited in availability and will be entirely narrative/documentary/photojournalistic style.

• That means, there will be very little to no posing tips given.

• Think family bonding time with Humans of New York documentary style but the pictures, they'll be taken here, locally in the DFW area.

• Oooh...super important thing, supermodels not needed, people with unique and distinct features are great!☺️

• Families who choose to participate will receive a $65 session fee with a minimum order requirement of $180.

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are saying about Love is Love Photography

She is just so outgoing, and will get to know your family instantly. When she does it, she just instantly walks in, and can get to know anybody, and photograph who they are instantly.

So, even while most photographers could just walk in and take pictures, it’s different with somebody’s personality like Marcia that just knows what they’re doing.

Donya G.

Marcia is the type of person that you'll meet in the morning and feel like you've been best friends with your entire life.

She has a real knack for putting kids at ease. 

frank c,

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