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The short answer is this...Allow each person to be exactly who they are...naturally.  Let their quirky personality shine.

The moment you ask someone to "smile pretty for the camera" "say cheese" or any sort of doesn't work!  Promise, I have scientific research proof to prove it too.

What is the best way to take good candid portraits with family?

Keep calm and mix things up.
I don't offer a digitals only package.

How much for all the digital pictures?

For starters, the best way is DO NOT fall for the way social media tempts us to believe in the parenthood fairytale. prepare for slightly average but not a total hot mess. As parents, we tend to think our day to day home life is dull and boring.

So, throw the picture-perfect expectations out the window. But if that’s what you are looking for, documentary photography isn’t going to be a good fit for you.

How should everyone prepare to take pictures?

Underwear. As long as y'all have that "covered" 😜the next item I suggest is whatever makes you comfortable.

Sure, you could match but, in my experience, it always causes someone to huff, puff and then they become super disagreeable during the photo session.

What type of clothing should we wear  in pictures?

A way to plan ahead and schedule mini photo sessions to help parents chronicle growth and change throughout a year in the life as a family.

Each visit lasting up to roughly one (1) hour of time using photo therapy and improvisation techniques to help take the stress, worry and overwhelm out of taking good pictures.

What exactly is a Portrait story series?

The adventure begins one a session fee of $250+tax is paid to book and schedule a particular date and once your date is booked, there’s a minimum order requirement of $600.

how much do you charge for family photo sessions?

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YASS, send me the
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YASS, send me the
pricing  &  Packages info!

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