perfect family photos – unscrambling the myths

It’s exhausting as all that pressure we put on ourselves trying to capture perfect family photos it’s unnecessary.

By focusing on unimportant details, being concerned with what had gone wrong and aiming for perfection…

It’s like a bat signal to that activates the inner critic we all have that often speaks up when we want it to 

So let’s put our heads together and canvas different perspectives on perfect family photos to unscramble our inner critics language.

It bubbles up for children of all ages out there in phone screen land and before the fall family photo sessions rush creeps up on you let’s figure out how to totally be ourselves.

Simmer Down Nah

Perfect Family Photo Stress

Case in point while on my google happy adventure, I stumbled on my first blog post “rest stop” Holiday Inspiration How to Take the Perfect Family Photo (With Your Phone! the authors hope of course is for us to read the handwriting on the wall, saying hey friend…

“if you weren’t able to book a professional family photo shoot, no worries. Just use your smartphone’s camera and follow our tips to stage a successful DIY shoot.”

Duly noted Minted

But like any great adventure story, I took a complete detour and somehow found myself getting gas at a random blog post truck stop titled “Five Tips for Taking the Perfect Family Holiday

Where the people magazine staff, not only shows us a bit of bait and switch with a photo of the our inner critics favorite reality tv stars 2017 Christmas card photo.

By featuring an interview with Photographer Central pro Hari Simons to share five tips on planning your family holiday card once someone has “decided to tackle the daunting task[…] with a photo of your entire brood].

this is awkward face love is love photography

Knowing full well I have squirrel like tendencies when I get out on the open road of the information super highway, I make the smart decision to turn around and head back to what I was supposed to be doing in the first place, which was all the responsible adult things…dishes, laundry…making lunches.

All fun, right parenting friend?

jazz hands face love is love photography

But of course I make one last stop. No…not to pickup some random hitchhiker named Instagram…and absolutely no one who looks like they might be associated with the infamous moment stealing thief aka Facebook.

winky face love is love photography

Not to be out done, I some how wound up stumbling on a [Shutterfly 100 Christmas Photo Ideas](

This parent favorite family memory keepsake watering hole had made some recent renovations aka it was last updated on January 14th, 2019.

Said hey friends, “Whether you’re using cards to decorate your Christmas tree or sending them off to loved ones, your Christmas card photo makes the perfect statement for the holiday season.”

Okay ya’ll, I’m not a complete nutter.
I know it’s the beginning of April but based on my OCD style research (*aka I’m pretty certain I google in my sleep*) it seems as if many of these professional blog posts on family photography advice around the holidays focused on helping time strapped moms and dog tired dads…are a bit late in the process.

If, you’re still riding side saddle in the passenger seat, the reason I ended up on this weird myth debunking road trip in the first place is while all these “experts” are well meaning they’ve missed talking about one underlying detail about the entire process of having pictures taken in the first place.

It almost always is AWKWARD AF

So come on, let’s unpack all the clue souvenirs I picked up along the way.

## Time to unscramble the myths of perfect family photos.

One thing I learned is standing in front of someones camera lens (*professional or your nan who has zero chill when she pops in for a visit*) has a legit phobia diagnosis. It’s called Scopophobia and it’s [the fear of being stared at](

Now while first time expectant parents looking to document their distinct experience in turning a page to the next chapter in life might not have textbook fear, more than likely they’ll have a heightened sense of awareness that someone is deeply looking at them and all their different quirks.

It’s kind of like people who have a fear of public speaking. which Psychology Today describes as “the thing we fear more than death”.

So basically there is a part of our brain that is one critical son of beach.

This nagging little bugger triggers us to respond one of two ways.

1. We’ll either fight trying to relax and act natural when someone takes pictures of us.
2. We’ll try to get the hell out of dodge the stress, anxiety and worry of what someone else might see on the other side of the camera elevates our heart rate.

So if your goal or objective is to take perfect family pictures, wethere you want to or not, you wake up what is known as the [fight, flight and freeze response](

And the way to lessen or shut up that inner persona non grata, is when we flip the script on our internal thoughts from negative to positive.

Easier said than done, right?

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